EU trade and investment policy; FDI; investment screening on security grounds; business preferences formation


Anna Vlasiuk Nibe is a PhD research fellow at the University of Southern Denmark. She holds a MSc in International Economic Law from Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, and a BSc in Market & Management Anthropology from the University of Southern Denmark. She participated in Summer School on European Politics organized in cooperation with the Southern Denmark European Office (Odense – Brussels, 2017). Anna’s research interests include: business interests and identities in multinational trade and investment negotiations; interest groups in EU law-making process and political lobbying; ideas and narratives in EU trade and investment politics. Previously, Anna worked as an associate in a leading law firm Asters, where she advised clients on various aspects of business law and foreign investments, corporate restructuring and cross-border transactions, employment and contracts. Also, Anna took part in multi-parties work on a draft law on limited liability companies, in collaboration with legal scholars, parliamentarians and practicing lawyers.  During her engagement in the University of Southern Denmark, Anna provided teaching and research assistance in the field of EU investment and trade politics, as well as collaborated as a co-author in preparation of a paper on Brexit and new politics of trade for the special issue of Politica 2020. Also, Anna participated in the development of new educational programs in the fields of international law, political science, international marketing and management.


Within the project, Anna Vlasiuk Nibe focuses on business actors in the European investment policy regime. Her PhD research explores the formation and promotion of business interests in shaping the EU’s investment screening mechanism (Work Package 3). Also, Anna collaborates with the research team to develop other project themes, including the EU lawmaking and the role of institutional actors in this process (Work Package 2). Finally, Anna provides administrative assistance to the PI, where she acts as a co-organizer of the project workshops, facilitates dissemination of project insights through the project website and social media, and works with the project data management.