‘Beauty Contests’ Publication in Danish Press: on the Russian war in Ukraine, Geopolitics, and Business

Anna Vlasiuk Nibe and Christilla Roederer-Rynning, a piece for Jysk Fynske Medier, Erhverv+ War in Europe: A new geopolitical normalcy for businesses The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 started the biggest war in Europe since the WWII and posed the biggest test for the West’s power, integrity and unity. Most Western governments have […]

Presentations at the 28th International Conference of Europeanists

Guri Rosén, Anna Vlasiuk Nibe and Sophie Meunier at University of Lisbon   Moving forward with knowledge dissemination: presentations at CES international conference in Lisbon   Sophie Meunier, Guri Rosen and Anna Vlasiuk Nibe attended the 28th International Conference of Europeanists which was organized by the Council for European Studies (CES) and took place at […]

Participation in CELIS Forum on Investment Screening 2022

Sophie Meunier and Anna Vlasiuk Nibe at Uppsala University   ‘Beauty Contests’ in a wider interdisciplinary setting: three days among investment screening & security professionals   On June 2, 2022, Sophie Meunier presented a paper ‘Fair Play? The Politics of Evaluating Foreign Subsidies in the European Union’ written in collaboration with Christilla Roederer-Rynning and Robert […]

Presentation of the Article at the Workshop in Salzburg

‘Good to meet again! Guri Rosén, Sophie Meunier and Anna Vlasiuk Nibe in Salzburg’ Two productive days among colleagues with papers presentations and fruitful discussions   On May 9, 2022, Anna Vlasiuk Nibe, Sophie Meunier, and Christilla Roederer-Rynning presented their piece on ‘The European Commission and Investment Screening in Europe’ at the workshop “Reacting to […]

Princeton workshops in October

School of Public and International Affairs Teaming up at Princeton! On 6-7 October, the Beauty Contests team will guest Princeton to discuss project-related research and the next steps (6 October) and participate in the PRISM workshop, organized by Sarah Bauerle and Sophie Meunier, on the ‘Politics and Regulations of Investment Screening’ (7 October). PRISM Princeton […]

Kick-off workshop in Brussels

‘Prepare for (investment) screening!’ Christilla Roederer-Rynning and Anna Vlasiuk Nibe in Brussels airport Two intensive, eventful, and productive days On January 6-7 we held our first kick-off workshop in Brussels. Our #dreamteam of 5 came together for the first time and had two intensive, eventful, and productive days. We conducted in-person and online interviews with […]